PABCORE® MOLD CURB® Plus Shaftliner

Primary Uses

  • Elevator,  ventilation, utility and cavity shaft liner
  • CT-Stud and H-Stud Area Separation Walls in multi-family residential construction
  • Lightweight Area Separation Wall Assemblies weighing no more than 10 lbs/ft2 when constructed
  • For use in one or two-hour shaft wall systems
  • For use in one or two-hour horizontal ceiling systems
  • Two-hour Area Separation Wall

PABCORE® MOLD CURB® Plus Shaftliner Type X panels combine the mold and water resistant formulation of MOLD CURB® PLUS with the proprietary Shaftliner fire resistant Type X core which has been reinforced with glass fibers and other additives to increase its fire resistance.  PABCORE® MOLD CURB® Plus Shaftliner product is designed for lining elevator, ventilation and utility shafts, as well as constructing light weight cavity shaft walls and area separation walls for multi-family residential projects.
The core is wrapped in high quality 100% recycled facing and backing paper that is treated with mold and water resistant agents to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.  

Made in the USA

Core Thickness Width Length Edge Weight
Type X
1” (25.4 mm) 24” (609 mm) 8’   (2334 mm)
10’ (2334 mm)
12’ (3658 mm)    
Double Beveled 4.0lbs/ft2


Core: 1” Type X (UL Core Type: PG-10) Gypsum Core
Paper: 100% recycled content mold and water treated heavy paper on front, back and long edges



ASTM C1396, Federal Specification SS-L-30D Type VI & Grade X



PABCO Gypsum Installation Instructions
Gypsum Association GA-216


Mold/Mildew Resistance ASTM D3273:

10 (Highest Rating)


Water Absorption ASTM C473:

≤10% by weight


Surface Burn ASTM E84:

Flame Spread 15
Smoke Developed 0


Combustibility ASTM E136:


See the Gypsum Association Fire and Acoustic Guide GA-600
Underwriters Laboratories, UL fire Resistance Directory Design Number:

Type X (PG-10) 1”


Sustainably manufactured in Las Vegas, NV from raw material extracted from the same location.
For additional LEED and sustainability information, please contact PABCO Gypsum Technical Services.