PABCO GLASS® Sheathing

Primary Uses

  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Substrate for exterior cladding such as wood, vinyl, or metal siding, shingles, masonry, brick or stucco
  • Can be used with an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)

PABCO GLASS® SHEATHING is ideal for commercial and residential applications where the product’s performance will not be compromised due to extended exposure. PABCO GLASS® SHEATHING can withstand extended exposure to normal weather conditions*, up to 1 year, during construction.  The combination of our proprietary glass fiber reinforced gypsum core encased in our distinctive orange, mold-resistant coated fiberglass mat facing provides added dimensional stability that resists warping, rippling, buckling, and sagging.

The 1/2” version is used as a single layer application in non-fire rated residential projects.
The 5/8” Type X version is used in commercial applications were fire-rated systems are required. 
Made in the USA

*Normal weather conditions shall mean climatic normal weather with usual high and low temperatures, with occasional moderate rain and wind.

Core Thickness Width Length Edge Weight
1/2” (12.7 mm) 48” (1219 mm) 8’   (2334 mm) Square 2.0lbs/ft2
Type X
5/8” (15.8 mm) 48” (1219 mm) 8’   (2334 mm) Square 2.8lbs/ft2


Core: Gypsum Core Type Options: 
1/2” Regular (UL Core Type: Regular)
5/8” Type X (UL Core Type: PGS-WRS)
Paper: 100% coated glass mat on front, back and long edges



ASTM C1177, Federal Specification SS-L-30D Type II



PABCO Gypsum Installation Instructions
Gypsum Association GA-253, GA-254
ASTM C1280


Mold/Mildew Resistance ASTM D3273:

10 (Highest Rating)


Water Absorption ASTM C473:

≤10% by weight


Surface Burn ASTM E84:

Flame Spread 0
Smoke Developed 0


Combustibility ASTM E136:


See the Gypsum Association Fire and Acoustic Guide GA-600
Underwriters Laboratories, UL fire Resistance Directory Design Number:

Type X (PGS-WRS) 5/8”


Sustainably manufactured in Las Vegas, NV, and Newark, CA.
LEED and Sustainability information: