PABCO GLASS® Shaftliner

Primary Uses

  • Elevator,  ventilation, utility and cavity shaft liner
  • CT-Stud and H-Stud Area Separation Walls in multi-family residential construction
  • Cavity Shaftwall Systems component - light weight fire barrier for cavity shaft walls
  • Extended exposure to normal weather conditions, up to 1 year, during construction

Part of the PABCO GLASS® family, PABCO GLASS® SHAFTLINER protects your building from fire, mold and water in a Shaftliner format. The combination of our proprietary glass fiber reinforced gypsum core encased in our distinctive orange, mold-resistant coated fiberglass mat facing provides added dimensional stability that resists warping, rippling, buckling, and sagging.  

PABCO GLASS® SHAFTLINER was developed for lining elevator shafts and constructing light weight fire barriers for cavity shaft walls and Area Separation Walls in commercial and multi-family residential applications.  PABCO GLASS® SHAFTLINER can withstand extended exposure to normal weather conditions, up to 1 year, during construction.

Made in the USA

Core Thickness Width Length Edge Weight
Type X
1” (25.4 mm) 24” (609.6 mm) 8’   (2334 mm)
12’ (3658 mm)
Double Beveled 4.1lbs/ft2


Core:  1” Type X (UL Core Type: PG-10) Gypsum Core
Paper: mold resistant coated fiberglass mat



ASTM C1658



PABCO Gypsum C-T Shaftwall Systems Guide


Mold/Mildew Resistance ASTM D3273:

10 (Highest Rating)



Water Absorption ASTM C473:

≤10% by weight


Surface Burn ASTM E84:

Flame Spread 0
Smoke Developed 0


Combustibility ASTM E136:


See the Gypsum Association Fire and Acoustic Guide GA-600
Underwriters Laboratories, UL fire Resistance Directory Design Number:

Type X (PG-10) 1”



Sustainably manufactured in Las Vegas, NV from raw material extracted from the same location.
For additional LEED and sustainability information, please contact PABCO Gypsum Technical Services.