Primary Uses

  • Interior,  abuse-resistance, mold-resistance and water-resistance are needed
  • High traffic interior walls such as corridors in schools, hospitals, offices and courthouses and correctional facilities
  • walls, ceilings and partition applications
  • New or renovation projects with frame spacing not more than 24 inches on center

PABCO ABUSE CURB® Type X is composed of a fire-resistant, non-combustible gypsum core that incorporated MOLD CURB® PLUS technology. ABUSE CURB® is the solution for situations where abuse-resistance, mold-resistance and water-resistance are needed.  The core is encased in 100% recycled heavy mold and water-resistant paper facing and backing.
Made in the USA

Core Thickness Width Length Edge Weight
Type X
5/8” (15.8 mm) 48” (1219 mm) 12’ (3658 mm) Tapered 2.9lbs/ft2


Core:  5/8” Type X (UL Core Type: PG-5W) Gypsum Core
Paper: 100% recycled content heavy mold/mildew/moisture/water and abrasion-resistant paper on front, back and long edges



ASTM C1396, ASTM C1629, Federal Specification SS-L-30D Type III & Grade WX



PABCO Gypsum Installation Instructions
Gypsum Association GA-214, GA-216


Surface Abrasion Resistance ASTM C1629:

Classification Level 2


Indentation Resistance ASTM C1629:

Classification Level 2


Soft Body Impact Resistance ASTM C1629:

Classification Level 2


Mold/Mildew Resistance ASTM D3273:

10 (Highest Rating)


Water Absorption ASTM C473:

≤5% by weight


Surface Burn ASTM E84:

Flame Spread 15
Smoke Developed 0


Combustibility ASTM E136:


See the Gypsum Association Fire and Acoustic Guide GA-600
Underwriters Laboratories, UL fire Resistance Directory Design Number:

Type X (PG-5W) 5/8” x 48” wide


Sustainably manufactured in Las Vegas, NV, and Newark, CA.
LEED and sustainability information: