About Us

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Family-owned and -operated, PABCO® Gypsum has been providing high performing gypsum panel products and superior customer service throughout North America for nearly 50 years. Recognized by our customers as being easy to work with, our focus is making one part of the construction process easier for you. When you work with PABCO, you can expect consistently high-quality drywall, personal high-touch service and reliable technical advice from leading experts in the field.

Whether you need to Quiet® the noise, weather the elements or curb fire, mold or moisture, PABCO Gypsum offers a broad portfolio of gypsum wallboard products to meet your needs. This includes QuietRock®, the first and most technically advanced sound reducing drywall in the industry.

PABCO Gypsum began manufacturing and shipping gypsum board from its Newark, California facility in 1972. Five years later, the company expanded with the acquisition of its Las Vegas plant and gypsum quarry in Nevada. Both plants have been expanded and modernized and now supply over 1.65 billion square feet of gypsum board annually.

PABCO Gypsum
Expert advice, service and drywall performance you can count on — what the job demands. 



PABCO Gypsum, along with PABCO® Paper and PABCO® Roofing Products are divisions of PABCO® Building Products LLC that services the building industry in the United States and Canada. For more than 65 years PABCO Building Products has been in the business of building a family of companies, a culture of caring and creativity, trusted partner and customer relationships. The company is committed to helping people build something special that lasts—whether relationships, structures or businesses.

In addition to gypsum panel products, PABCO Building Products offers a broad portfolio of premium asphalt roofing shingles through its PABCO® Roofing Products Division. PABCO® Paper is a 100%  recycled content paper mill that manufactures the gypsum liners for PABCO Gypsum and also produces liner board and chip paper grades.