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PABCO Gypsum partners with Dow Chemical

In a joint study with The Dow Chemical Company, PABCO® Gypsum has completed a long-term mold resistance aging study of the PABCO MOLD CURB® Plus family of products.

All PABCO MOLD CURB Plus products feature FUNGIBLOCK® Technology from The Dow Chemical Company. FUNGIBLOCK is the key mold-resistant additive in PABCO’s paper facings.

Wallboard samples of MOLD CURB® Plus were subjected to varying conditions of temperature and humidity to reflect various environments.

After two years of exposure to these stringent conditions, MOLD CURB® Plus continued to inhibit mold growth with a perfect score of 10 when tested in accordance with ASTM D3273.

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PABCO® Gypsum - PABCO® Gypsum’s Response to Chinese Drywall (PDF)

7/8/2009 - Synthetic Gypsum in Gypsum Wallboard: Some wallboard manufacturers use synthetic gypsum in their wallboard production.  Questions have arisen about the use of this product as a part of the investigation into the Chinese drywall matter. PABCO Gypsum uses only natural gypsum ore in the production of their wallboard products.  Please click on the direct link below to the Gypsum Association sustainability website page for further insight and information on the use of synthetic gypsum in our industry.

Link: Gypsum Association sustainablility website

The GYPSUM ASSOCIATION responds to recent reports of problems with wallboard imported from China.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), together with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is moving aggressively to use all available resources and expertise to fully investigate this serious matter and find solutions. We are also working with State and local authorities to coordinate our response and talking with the Chinese government.

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September 2009
CPSC, EPA, CDC/ATSDR, HUD Press Statement on Drywall Air Sampling